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With unlimited internet surfing and browsing, there are three subscription ‘MOVE UP’ plans on offer: PhP598 with consistent speeds of up to 512 kbps on the first 1Gb monthly usage allowance; PhP998 with consistent speeds of up to 1mbps on the first 6Gb monthly usage; and PhP1998 with consistent speeds of up to 2mbps on the first 12Gb monthly usage allowance.

Payment Methods

Wi-Tribe can pay their dues for internet connection pretty easily. You can decide on any method of payment such as scratch cards, customer care centers by cash, easy paisa, credit cards or check. However if all this is not well-situated for you to go anywhere to pay your bills, you can also have the services of Courier Home Collection at the monthly charges of Rs.50.

My Wi-Tribe and the package detail

Wi-Tribe is one of the most reliable broadband internet services in Pakistan. It has brought a new era of WiMAX (Wireless Interoperability Microwave Access) to Pakistan. Wi-Tribe is basically based on Qtel (Qatar Telecom) and ATCO (A.A Turkey Group of Companies) and is currently operating in Jordan, Pakistan and Philippines. Furthermore, Wi-Tribe is aimed to give the most convenient internet services in the emerging markets of Asia and Africa.

Wi-Tribe Details

Wi-Tribe’s products detail on speedtest.pk

The two major categories of products offered by Wi-Tribe are

Enterprises and


They offer different packages in each category that suit with your needs.

Wi-Tribe packages for enterprises on speedtest.pk

Wi-Tribe offers a device “Slider” for Enterprise that gives wireless connectivity to one device. The other device “Slider Plus” gives connectivity to as many devices as you have through wi-fi technology. You can have two different packages in this category.

Wi-Tribe introduces 4G technology:

Wi-Tribe is the first provider to introduce 4G technology which is 3 times faster than 3G. 4G technology has a separate traffic from voice or SMS, since it is supported by an all data network.